Restaurant Jura


Due to the current situation we operate only as an take away restaurant open from tuesday to saturday 12pm-18pm.

We wish that you would make orders beforehand by e-mail: or contacting us by phone: 050-357 4949.

We prefer card payments.

While the small businesses in the hospitality industry are struggling for their existence you can also show your support by buying a gift card for the future.

Jura ja Mari

Week 14

Beatroot & Goats cheese salad 11,-

Celeriac & portobello ''Carbonara'' 13,-

Meatballs, mash & lingonberry 15,-

Salmon & ratatouille 18,-

Carrot cake 5,-

Unfortunately Eatfinland book is not valid for the take away portions


Jura is a restaurant, where celeriac is considered every bit as important as beef. In Jura, we are positively overwhelmed with all the possibilities our ingredients offer. We have a constant need to use our creativity to create something new and of course, to be able to surprise our guests every time they come in.

We serve vegetable based fourse course menu, price beginning from 49€. Please call before for vegan option.


Food is good when it's good, but with a great drink it's even better. We'll fill our wine cellar with edgy and personal wines, selected both from our favorite region Jura of France and from across the Europe. Like the menu, our wine list is in constant movement as we search for the wines and beers that are a perfect match with our kind of cuisine.  

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